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Field Trips

Field Trips are offered to any schools that want to bring their students to experience a day of gymnastics and ninja.  We tailor the day to include activities to entertain and educate students of any age.  Magic City Gymnastics uses the same equipment you see in the Olympics and collegiate competitions. 


Did you know that Simone Biles, the greatest gymnast of all time, discovered gymnastics during a school field trip?  While some kids who are exposed to gymnastics during a school trip may go on to greatness in the sport, the real reason for schools to participate in our gymnastics/ninja field trips is to provide EVERY student with an opportunity for learning and experience.  In the gym, all are equal, accepted, and can excel.  We love opening our facility to schools and seeing kids who might not otherwise experience gymnastics come in and see what they can do! 


Field trips are very inexpensive as this is a service we wish to provide to every child in the Billings area.  We have set aside Mondays and Fridays to accommodate every school we possibly can with a field trip opportunity

Please call us at (406) 221-2424 to set up a field trip for your school. 

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